Collection: Backorder | June (Updated)

Current Backorder listing from 5th - 12th June (closed)

Estimated Delivery:  10th - 21st July 

Just White
Black Delivered
Wine Red Delivered
Cherry Red Delivered
Monsters Delivered
Purple Diamond Cat-eye Delivered
Monet's Lilies Dispatched
Pink Sky Barcelona Dispatched
Jade Dispatched
Ombre French Preparing to Ship
Never Told You Before Preparing to Ship
Tie Me Up Preparing to Ship
Enchanted  Preparing to Ship
Ice Grey Preparing to Ship
Hillary Preparing to Ship
Pastel Thin Line French Preparing to Ship
Windbell Preparing to Ship
Just a Kiss Preparing to Ship
The Friday Drink Preparing to Ship


- Please only join if you are comfortable with the wait and any unforeseen delays. (We will send out an email notification if any backorder delay is > 2 weeks)

- If other instock item(s) are placed together in the same order, all items will only be dispatched when the backorder item arrives.

- If you would like your instock item(s) to be dispatched first, kindly opt for a separate backorder shipping at checkout.

- Kindly refer to this Backorder | June  page for any updates on delivery.

- There is strictly no refunds if one backs out of paid backorder. Thank you for your understanding.

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