1. How do I know which size to order?

Kindly refer to our measuring instruction video for a step-by-step guide. We also provide a size chart on every product page for quick referencing. If your measurements fall between sizes, simply drop us an email or Instagram DM for sizing help.

2. How long do they last per wear? 

Keeping in mind that press-on nails are not meant for permanent wear. the longevity of a set largely varies from individual to individual. However, with proper application, a nail set can last 1-2 weeks. We recommend watching our Tips & Care video for a more detailed guide to achieving long wear. 

3. Can I wear them in the shower?

Yes! Khaki Olives press on's are designed to be water proof.

Do avoid contact with water for the next 60mins after application. Once the adhesive tabs have "settled down" though, shower and hair wash won't be a problem.

4. Can the nail sets be reused?

Absolutely! Re-wear your favourite nail sets anytime you want by simply replacing the adhesive tabs. 

5. How can I make them last longer?

Proper adhesion is key to long wear! Before wearing your press-ons, we highly recommend preparing your natural nails as outlined in our Tips & Care  video. Here are some additional tips that may help:

  • Lightly buff your natural nail beds ROUGH to create a “rougher” or more adhesive point of contact (use the buffer provided)
  • Nails must be clean, dry and free of any lotions, oils or dust (use the wipe provided)
  • Avoid water, lotions and oils for as long as possible after applying your nails. At least 30 - 60 minutes will be ideal.
  • Apply nail glue to your nail beds before put on your adhesives tabs. 

6. Is it normal for my press-ons to drop within the first hour/first day? 

Definitely not!

If your press-ons are dropping easily with light wear despite following our guide to a tee, one of the following things might be happening:

  • your natural nails have a curved side profile, making it difficult for the nail pieces to stay on
  • the nail size ordered is too big/small
  • the adhesive tabs used are not the right size
  • your nail surface is too well polished, reducing the surface area "grip"
  • you are using adhesive tabs purchased elsewhere

If none of the above seems to apply, do contact us and we will do our best to assist. 

7. How long is the shelf time of the nails if I'm not wearing them?

Always store the nails and adhesive tabs in a cool and dry place.

All of our nails have a minimum of 2-3 years shelf time. With proper care, sets without accessories can be kept for a lifetime! For sets with jewel or crystal accessories, oxidation will eventually kick in and the metal parts will turn into a darker colour.

8. If I don't like the design I purchased, can I return them?

We want to ensure every set of Khaki Olives nails you receive is new and clean. Therefore, due to the nature of our product and for hygiene purposes, we do not accept returns.

At Khaki Olives, we put utmost effort towards providing detailed and accurate product photos in hopes that you'll love our nails as much as we do!

9. This is my first time purchasing and the size doesn't fit me, can I exchange them?

We want to ensure every set of Khaki Olives nails you receive is new and clean. Therefore, due to the nature of our product and for hygiene purposes, we do not accept returns.

We strongly recommend measuring your size carefully before purchase. Kindly refer to our measuring instruction video for a step-by-step guide. If you're still unsure of which size to order and would like extra help. shoot us an email or Instagram DM for assistance.

10. One of my nails broke or lost, can I order a single replacement nail?

Unfortunately, we do not offer single replacements at this time. But don't throw out your set just yet and hold on to them! One of the things that make our nails unique is their ability to be mixed and matched to create new looks!

11. Help! I received an incorrect product / missing items.

We apologize for our oversight! Kindly drop us an email with your order number and images of the product to hello@khakiolives.com so we can make this right.

12. I submitted my order but I would like to change my mailing details.

Kindly shoot an email to hello@khakiolives.com with your order number and the changes you would like to make.  

13.  I submitted my order but I would like to add another item.

We're encouraged to know that you love our nail sets and couldn't resist snagging another pair! Kindly drop an email to hello@khakiolives.com with your order number and the item you would like to add, you will receive follow up email for balance payment.